Roland SD-50 Mobile Studio Canvas USB format problem

sd-50I got a new Roland SD-50 Mobile Studio Canvas sound module this week. As a first step in updating the internal software I went to the device to format a USB stick and got a message “USB not ready”. Seemed that every stick in the house elicited the same response. After an exchange with Roland Support (who was very nice and confirmed that it “should work”) I thought I would try something obvious. I formatted the USB stick in my computer with a FAT32 format first, then plugged it into the SD-50 and it worked. For some reason this little trick was not in any post I read online so I thought I would share.

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One thought on “Roland SD-50 Mobile Studio Canvas USB format problem

  1. The other tip is that it doesn’t recognize folders.
    It will display “Empty” until you put some mp3’s onto the top folder.

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