Thinking about BBQ

I’m in Dallas, TX this week so, naturally, I’m eating some BBQ. A few times. A student of mine pointed me to the Texas Monthly online magazine where BBQ is big and every BBQ place in TX eventually gets a review by their “BBQ snob”. Based on the snob’s recommendations I went to a place called the Baby Back Shak two nights ago. Evidently, the owner is from Memphis so his ribs are Memphis style. Memphis style usually involves some kind of pork, in this case baby back ribs, which is dry rubbed generously and smoked low and slow for a long time. BBQ sauce, served on the side, is thin and tangy. Best pork ribs I have had since the long gone Public Eye in Memphis.

The next day in class students wanted to know how the BBQ was, which became a lively conversation. BBQ is an important topic among those who love it. Speaking with another student I learned about something called a “smokenator” which I have every intention of purchasing for my Weber and smoking something as soon as I can. Friends, I’ll let you know how it works out.

Tonight I’m hitting another place that is known for Texas style brisket, which is a big deal in Dallas. Can’t wait.

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