Quick complaints

I don’t have a lot of time but I have to say this to someone:

Adobe . . . . please, please, PLEASE STOP updating my software every 5 minutes.

Whatever happened to the days when software releases were planned and delivered on a release schedule of, say, once a quarter? It seems like everytime I login lately either Adobe or Firefox has yet another update. Don’t get me wrong, I love things to work, but I think if the engineers would concentrate a little more on quality releases they wouldn’t be fixing things every 5 minutes.


Oh wait, I had one other thing to say . . . about Edgefield and the Alison Krauss concert last night. Edgefield, good sound and good booze. Alison . . . amazing as usual. Portland people . . . PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PHONES IN THE CAR AND STOP WALKING AROUND. Good grief. How about plan for a couple of hours of good music without Facebook and all your mobile crap?

Ok, now I’m done. Now I’m going to post on Facebook. Yes, I get the hypocrisy.

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